Work Samples

Application Materials for the Assisant Arts Professor position at ITP/IMA

1. Selected Artwork

Invisible Sculptures (2018-2021)
A series of sculptures that can be only seen by senses other than vision.
- Interview Video of <Invisible and Existent> – My solo exhibition at the Clayarch Museum
- Book about the ProjectDraft Copy / Photos – ISBN: 979-11-90401-32-6, 133 pages. English+Korean. Physical copy is available upon request to George Agudow.
- Show Documentation

Invisible Sculpture On Wheels (2020-2021)
An outdoor version of an invisible sculpture to meet more diverse audiences in public spaces.
- New York version
- GimHae version

Invisible Landscapes: Invisible Forest (2021)
A new series that experiments with senses and their representations at different scales.
- Project Documentation

Other signautre projects that use Interaction as Art Medium
- Rice Dimmer (2020)
- Mirages: Light Experiments (2018)
- Illuminated Path (2016)

2. Pedagogical / Community Art Projects

<ITP Weather Band>, 2020
an experimental band that I led and facilitated as an educational initiative and community building project at NYU ITP/IMA/Low-Res in 2020, creating music with weather data collected from a DIY weather station.

<On/Off SaiSai: Movement for Conversations>, 2020
A 3-week long workshop series that I led at the Clayarch Museum that aims to build an online community between artists and creators in different parts of South Korea through art and technology. A digital copy of the archival book (in Korean) is included in my application as Additional Documents. Physical copy is available upon request to George Agudow.

“Inclusive Art Museum”, 2021
An exhibition preview of Invisible Sculptures and roundtable discussions for visually impaired visitors in the local community. 

3. Interdisplinary Public Talks (Selected talks in 2021, Over 100 attendes each)

Talk at The Cooper Union’s Rose Auditorium
- Talk at Haeundae Arts and Culture Center in South Korea 
- Talk at the <Disability, Technolgoy, and Art> conference hosted by Seoul Foundation of Art and Culture in South Korea 

Yeseul Song