ITP Weather Band (2020)

ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music with weather data collected from a DIY weather station.

One of our performances:

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Youtube Channel
Technical Materials on GitHub

We’ve built a weather station system and created experimental instruments that turn the environmental data into music and visuals. We use sound and music as mediums for delivering information about our immediate environment through the auditory sense.

The band consists of faculties, alums, and graduate students at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU ITP).

Creative Directors: Yeseul Song
Music Producer: Jesse Simpson
Advising/Support: Tom Igoe
Performers: Arnab Chakravarty, Sid Chou, Schuyler W DeVos, Atchareeya Jattuporn (Name), Chun Song, Nuntinee Tansrisakul, Yiting Liu
Tech Support: Brent Bailey, Arnab Chakravarty, Yeseul Song, Tom Igoe

Yeseul Song