Invisible Sculpture On Wheels (2021): GimHae


Nov 2020 (pilot)
East Village, NY

March 2021
GimHae, South Korea w/ Clayarch Art Museum

April 2021
14th St in Manhattan w/ Art in Odd Places

June 2021
Central Park in New York w/ Museum of Arts and Design

July 2021
The Six Foot Platform by Dumbo Improvement District and Brooklyn Arts Council

Selected Press:

Brookly Street Art
The Korea Times (Korean)
Sisa News (Korean)

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Invisible Sculptures is a series of sculptures that are invisible to eye and can only be “seen” by engaging through senses other than vision.

During the pandemic, it became challenging to show work in indoor spaces. Online was not an alternative space for this work because of the highly experiential nature. I decided to bring my work to public spaces by myself. I put together a cart that can carry the sculpture. I brought this cart out to streets and my neighborhood park, Tompkins Square Park in East Village. I invited the park visitors to engage with the sculpture and met a lot of people that I wouldn’t have met if my work was in traditional gallery or museum spaces.

Not everyone can afford to visit galleries or museums, and many don’t even feel comfortable with such spaces, especially during this time of pandemic. I believe that art needs to be accessible to everyone and wanted to reach out to a more diverse group of audience through this experiment.

For the New York version of this project, see: Invisible Sculptures On Wheels: New York.

[March 2021 in GimHae, South Korea w/ Clayarch Art Museum]

Artist: Yeseul Song
Sound design: Jesse Simpson
Photo: Jung Seungyong (Courtesy of Clayarch Art Museum)

Yeseul Song