I teach courses and workshops on various topics on art, technology, and design at universities and cultural institutions.

On the right are selected courses I’ve developed and/or taught:
Graduate Level Courses

Intangible Interaction / NYU ITP, Spring 2020 & 2021 
언택트 인터랙션

I developed and taught the course.

This course focuses on researching and designing intangible interactions. Intangible interactions are those that we engage in without involving direct physical contact. Intangible interfaces don’t have a tangible form that explicitly instructs us how to interact with them, instead, these interactions utilize other forms of feedback than those we feel through touch. While technologies used for intangible interaction–such as computer vision and sensors are now more available and accessible, knowledge around the design and implementation of effective intangible interactions is a much less documented subject.

We will explore practical, artistic, and whimsical applications of intangible interactions and look at the ways it can enhance human-computer interactions in our everyday lives. For example, it can allow new ways to interact with educational exhibits, artifacts, and artworks. We will explore intangibility as a poetic medium that can open up possibilities for creating work that challenges human senses and perception. We will also question and discuss what it means for an intangible interaction to be “intuitive” and what are the cultural and social implications that we need to consider in designing these.

Technical topics that will be discussed in the class include: non touch-based sensors including optical sensors and environment sensors; proximity sensing; optimizing sensor readings on Arduino; extending capability of sensors with light pipes; object tracking with camera and depth-sensing cameras
; radios and signals; and intangible feedback.

Intro to Physical Computing / NYU ITP, Fall 2019 & Fall 2020
피지컬 컴퓨팅

This is a fundamental course for ITP graduate students. I taught one section and contributed to course contents, in collaboration with full-time faculties at ITP.

Physical Computing is an approach to computer-human interaction design that starts by considering how humans express themselves physically. 

Undergraduate Level Courses

Topics in Physical Computing and Experimental Interfaces: Physical Computing / NYU IMA, Fall 2020 피지컬 컴퓨팅

Education + Commuity Art Projects

ITP Weather Band / NYU ITP, Spring 2020
I’m leading the group as the creative director.

ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music with weather data collected from a DIY weather station. The group has built a weather station system and create experimental instruments that turn the environmental data into music and visuals. We use sound and music as mediums for delivering information about our immediate environment through the auditory sense.

The band consists of faculties, alums, and graduate students at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU ITP) and is a part of ITPower, a research group that explores ways to contribute to a sustainable future with creative uses of technology.

Intangible Bodies (On/Off 사이사이; 대화를 위한 움직임) / Clayarch Art Museum, South Korea, Summer 2020 A 3-week course in new media art and online community building project for artists and creators working with different mediums.Book (in Korean) about the workshop published by Clayarch Museum –
read here.


Your Workout Buddy: PoseNet with ml5.js and p5.js / ITP Camp, Summer 2020 (online workshop)
ITP Camp is a 4 week crash course/playground for creative and techy people who want to shake things up.

Physical Computing Help Session Workshops / NYU ITP, Fall 2018 I co-led a series of workshops for graduate students, which are supplemental to the Intro to Physical Computing class.

Connecting Digital and Physical: Serial Communication between Arduino and p5.js / ITP Camp, Summer 2019 
Getting Started with DMX Lights / ITP Unconference 2019

Controlling Real Lightbulbs with Arduino / ITP Unconference 2019 & 2018, ITP Camp 2018

3D Printing for Hackers - An Algorithmic Approach to 3D Printing / ITP Camp 2017

Digital Art Studio Summer Program / BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Summer 2016

Teaching Artist: In collaboration with Molmol Kuo and School for Poetic Computation (SFPC)