I develop and teach courses in art, technology, and design at NYU ITP/IMA as an Assistant Arts Professor. I also teach workshops at various cultural institutions. My teaching areas span interactive art, participatory art, and physical computing.

On the right are selected courses and workshops that I’ve developed and/or taught:

Graduate Level Courses

Intangible Interaction
Course description

Intro to Physical Computing

Course description

Project Development Studio

Sustainable Material Research Lab

Undergraduate Level Courses

Topics in Physical Computing and Experimental Interfaces: Physical Computing
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Interaction As Art Medium
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Educational Commuity Art Projects

Material Kitchen
2023 ~
Collaborator: Priyanka Makin; Supported by NYU

Decentering Sense 2023 Workshop 《Other’s Space》 | Accessibility Program (감각너머: 타인의 공간)
@Samsung Leeum Museum of Art 리움미술관
Summer 2023
Collaborators: Wonyoung Kim, Soohye Jang

A-Round Project: Community Healing through Art
Funded by the Korea Culture and Arts Education Service
Collaborators: Jiyoun Jeong, Ahreum Kim
+ Online Archive / Interview Video

Weather Band
2020 ~ 2021
I initiated and led the group as the creative director.

Creating Accessible Exhibition Guide for <Invisible and Existent> (전시관람안내서)
@ Clayarch Art Museum, South Korea 클레이아크미술관
Collaborators: Jiyoun Jeong (curator at Clayarch Museum), Min Hyung Kang (Independent Curator, Founder of Art Space Barim)

Inclusive Art Museum (함께하는 미술관)
@ Clayarch Art Museum, South Korea 클레이아크미술관
Invisible Sculptures exhibition preview + Conversations with Visually Impaired Visitors

On/Off SaiSai: Movement for Conversations (On/Off 사이사이; 대화를 위한 움직임)
@ Clayarch Art Museum, South Korea 클레이아크미술관
Summer 2020

A 3-week workshop series in new media art and online community building project for artists and creators working with different mediums.
+ Book (in Korean) about the workshop published by Clayarch Museum: read here.

Workshops (selected)

Sounds Like Us: Creating Collaborative Musical Instruments w Code
@ Sound Scene 2022 at Smithsonian Hirshhorn, June 5, 2022

Your Workout Buddy: PoseNet with ml5.js and p5.js
@ ITP Camp, Summer 2020 (online workshop)
ITP Camp is a 4 week crash course/playground for creative and techy people who want to shake things up.

Physical Computing Help Session Workshops
@ NYU ITP, Fall 2018

I co-led a series of workshops for graduate students, which are supplemental to the Intro to Physical Computing class.

Connecting Digital and Physical: Serial Communication between Arduino and p5.js
@ ITP Camp, Summer 2019

Getting Started with DMX Lights
@ ITP Unconference 2019

Controlling Real Lightbulbs with Arduino
@ ITP Unconference 2019 & 2018, ITP Camp 2018

3D Printing for Hackers - An Algorithmic Approach to 3D Printing
@ ITP Camp 2017

Digital Art Studio Summer Program
@ BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Summer 2016

Teaching Artist: In collaboration with Molmol Kuo and School for Poetic Computation (SFPC)

Yeseul Song