Mirages: Light Experiments (2017)

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Long Listed for Lumen Prize 2017 Interactive Award

Short Listed for Communication Arts Interactive Competition 2017


ITP Spring Show 2017


Daniel Shiffman's ITP Spring Show 2017
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collaborator: Hayeon Hwang

“Mirages: Light Experiments” is an interactive light installation that projects interactive illusions onto the wall. The project uses stage lighting combined with a custom built computer vision software system to offer a user a playful and imaginative experience. The user is able to manipulate the “mirages” using the kinetic motion of their body.

When the user approaches the installation, a stage spot light finds the person’s location and begins moving towards them. As the ball of light nears the person’s hand, it becomes interactive and can be manipulated via hand movements. The user can change the ball size as well as move or throw the ball. These different actions are happen seamlessly with the user’s different hand motions.

The project uses DMX stage lighting, a USB DMX interface, and an infrared camera. A custom computer vision system that controls DMX stage lighting is written in Processing.