Slow Dimming Study: Rice Dimmer (2020)


Re-Fest2020 at La Mama in New York, NY

Poetic Computation at Westbeth Gallery in New York, NY
Slow Dimming Study is a set of artistic physical interfaces that enable audiences to control incandescent light bulbs through a meditative and cultural experience. This on-going project takes a deeper look into the moment of everyday interactions that we usually do not pay attention to, such as switching on and off a light, and turns them into meaningful experiences by intervening the moment.

The first in the series is Rice Dimmer, a meditative and cultural experience where the audience is expected to move a handful of raw rice with a set of chopsticks one by one, to slowly change the brightness of a light bulb. The interaction evokes situations where it would appear that certain cultural backgrounds or specialized skills could be privileged for the completion of very simple tasks.

Photo by Kyle Knodell (the first two)
Photo by Lívia Sá, courtesy of CultureHub (the last two)

Video by CultureHub, interview by Mattie Barber-Bockelmane 

Yeseul Song