I blend design, technology, and art to open up people’s imagination and creativity.

I am pursuing a master’s degree at New York University's Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP). I am an alumnae at School for Poetic Computation (SFPC). Before I found the territory between art and technology, I worked as a UX researcher in professional and academic settings.

If you are interested in chatting with me, working with me, or just saying hi to me, please email me at pyeseul@gmail.com. Feel free to visit my Instagram and blog to take a look at my recent life/experiments.  

Recent Activities:

May 11, 2018
I’m presenting my thesis project, Invisible Sculptures at 4:36pm EST as a part of ITP Thesis Week 2018. It’ll be live streamed here.

April 29, 2018
I’m showing my thesis project, Invisible Sculptures at Riese Lounge at 721 Broadway, New York, NY. 

April 29, 2018
Illuminated Path is shown at Mana Contemporary as a part of the Open House 2018.

Jan 2018
Showing Sentences of Youth at Gallery Max, New York, NY in collaboration with a contemporary dancer Ji Hyun Kim

Sep 2017
Illuminated Path is on a long term view at Mana Contemporary. 

Aug 2017  
I'm a part of an exhibition That's Not It at Mana Contemporary. (link)

July 2017  
Long-listed for The Lumen Prize 2017 Interactive Award with Mirages: Light Experiments. (link)

Jun 2017  
I taught a workshop titled 3D Printed Data at ITP Camp 2017. (link)

Jun 2017  
SFPC Re-coded Project is featured on Creators Project. (link)

Jun 2017
I presented SFPC Re-coded Project at Sónar+D in Barcelona, Spain. (link)

May 2017  
I presented Mirages: Light Experiments and CNC Music Factory at ITP Spring Show. (link)

photo credit: Dong Chan Kim