I blend design, technology, and art to open up people’s imagination and creativity.

I am pursuing a master’s degree at New York University's Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP). I am an alumnae at School for Poetic Computation (SFPC). Before I found the territory between art and technology, I worked as a UX researcher in professional and academic settings.

I build physical installations. I write codes. I make interactive lights. I love computational fabrication and additive manufacturing. I want to build crazy machines that turn your imagination to a real thing!

If you are interested in chatting with me, working with me, or just to say hi to me, please email me at pyeseul@gmail.com. Feel free to visit my Instagram and blog to take a look at my recent life/experiments and be friends with me.

Recent Activities:

Sep 2017
Illuminated Path is on a long term view at Mana Contemporary. 

Aug 2017  
I'm a part of an exhibition That's Not It at Mana Contemporary. (link)

July 2017  
Long-listed for The Lumen Prize 2017 Interactive Award with Mirages: Light Experiments. (link)

Jun 2017  
I taught a workshop titled 3D Printed Data at ITP Camp 2017. (link)

Jun 2017  
SFPC Re-coded Project is featured on Creators Project. (link)

Jun 2017
I presented SFPC Re-coded Project at Sónar+D in Barcelona, Spain. (link)

May 2017  
I presented Mirages: Light Experiments and CNC Music Factory at ITP Spring Show. (link)

photo credit: Dong Chan Kim