Glow Box (2017)


That’s Not It show
at Mana Contemporary, NJ.

Afterglow, Vol.1 show
at Mana Contemporary, NJ.


Artmatter Magazine Blair Neal’s Article
3DP Lighting


Graphics by Michael Simpson

Thanks to Taylor Shield!

Glow Box is an object that is able to both absorb and reproduce a graphical image. The project is based on my previous experiments/research on 3D printed pixels: Light Path Study 1, Light Path Study 2

The box is hanging in mid-air and the bottom side of the box receives graphical inputs from a projector. The images instantly travel through the thousands of fiber optic channels to reproduce the image on another side of the box while glowing the object itself.

Graphics on display is a visualization of solution space solving XOR problems using neural network, made by Michael Simpson, in Processing.

Yeseul Song