Invisible Sculptures #8: Thought Sculpture (2019)


Recent Possibilities at Collab Fab Fabrication & Innovation Lab, Brooklyn, NY

<Momenty by Moment; Invisible and Existent> my solo exhibition at  Clayarch Museum, South Korea

<NFS, NSFW, NFT> on New Art City


Invisible Sculptures on Adjacent

While my previous Invisible Sculptures are perceptible by means of senses other than vision, this eight invisible sculpture is only accessible through the audience’s thought and reflection. This thought sculpture cannot be experienced with any senses--it cannot be seen, felt, heard, smelled, or tasted. Instead, the sculpture exists when the audience listens to a recording describing the piece while reflecting the piece inside their mind. 

Thought Sculpture I (2019)
at Collab

You are standing in front of an invisible sculpture.
The sculpture is only accessible through your reflection.

1. Put on the headphone and listen to the audio to see the sculpture.

2. After seeing the sculpture, walk to the table behind you to complete the experience.

Thought Sculpture II (2021) at <Invisible and Existent> at the Clayarch Museum

Thought Sculpture III (2021)

Online Version on New Art City

Yeseul Song