Thought Sculpture III (2021)

The piece was created for a virtual exhibition <NFS, NSFW, NFT> on New Art City. 

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Collect the piece as NFT

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An exhibition produced by members of NEW INC and Rhizome’s Art & Code track. We’re showing, hosting, and minting — all, to explore the critical poetics of this particular not-for-sale, not-safe-for-work, and non-fungible-token moment.

The exhibition was organized by Christopher Clary, Mark Ramos, Peralyn Lii, and accompanies essays from Lindsay Howard (Foundation) and Zach Kaplan (Rhizome).
A sculpture that is only accessible through your thought and exists only when you reflect on it while listening to an audio recording verbally describing the piece. Once you perceive it, you are invited to draw the sculpture on a digital drawing platform. To do so, click the Contribute Your Drawing button (link). The "visible" versions of the sculpture become a collective perception of Thought Sculpture III.

The work is a pice in the Invisible Sculptures series (2019-2021) by the artist, a collection of immaterial sculptures that can be only “seen” by senses other than vision.

The piece, MINTED ON FOUNDATION as an NFT, asks what it means to own and capitalize an ability to conceive a thought in the minds of others. 

<생각 조각 III> 온라인 버전 (뉴잉크 x 라이좀 온라인 전시 참여작):
3D 메타버스 온라인 공간에서 구현한 버전의 생각 조각으로, 모든 것이 자본화되는 시대에 “누군가에게 생각을 불러일으키는 매개체”로서의 무형의 예술(빈 공간과 목소리)을 자본화하는 것이 무엇인지에 대한 질문하는 의미로 NFT로 등록해 Foundation.app에서 판매중이기도 합니다. 온라인 공간의 관람객은 텅 빈 백색 큐브에서 생각 조각을 경험한 후, 조각의 모양을 드로잉으로 형상화해 제출하고, 여러 관객들이 제출한 드로잉의 모음은 <생각 조각 III>의 집합적 인식이 되어 우리 인식과 인지의 다양성을 축복하는 오브젝트가 됩니다. 이곳에서 경험하실 수 있습니다. 

You can now collect the piece as an NFT on Foundation.

Experience the Virtual Show Here.

I encountered Stage by Rashid Johnson at Moma PS1 and spontaneously performed my Thought Sculpture III.

Yeseul Song