Hi! My names is Yeseul. I blend art and technology to open up people’s imagination and creativity.
Say hello: pyeseul@gmail.com

Recent Projects

Soundfall, 2018
in collaboration with Michael Simpson

An audio-visual installation for IFP’s media walls.

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Invisible Sculptures, 2018

An experiment that challenges human perception with sculptures that can only be “seen” by senses other than vision.

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Indigo, 2017

A live audio-visual performance presented at IAC’s 120 feet width video wall. 

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lluminated Path, 2016

Light bulbs that find you and illuminate your way. The light bulbs accompanies you like benevolent fairies without collecting any data about you.

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Glow Box, 2017

An object that is able to both absorb and reproduce a graphical image. The box is hanging in mid-air.

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