Slow Dimming Study: Marble Dimmer (2020)

Slow Dimming Study is a set of artistic physical interfaces that enable audiences to control incandescent light bulbs through a meditative and cultural experience. This on-going project takes a deeper look into the moment of everyday interactions that we usually do not pay attention to, such as switching on and off a light, and turns them into meaningful experiences by intervening the moment.

The second piece in the series is Marble Dimmer. The audience is invited to slowly roll a marble that is designed to move along a circular channel. The rotational movement of the marble gradually changes the brightness of a light bulb. This piece is inspired by Poseokjeong, an abalone-shaped watercourse from the Unified Silla Kingdom in medieval Korea that was used for nobility to gather around and float their cups for drinking alcohol while reciting poems.

This project is work-in-progress and below is rendering images of the project.