Slow Dimming Study: Distance Makes Your Heart Grow Fonder (2020)

Thanks to:
Future Imagination Fund 
Sharon Chang

Slow Dimming Study is a set of artistic physical interfaces that enable audiences to control incandescent light bulbs through a meditative and cultural experience. This on-going project takes a deeper look into the moment of everyday interactions that we usually do not pay attention to, such as switching on and off a light, and turns them into meaningful experiences by intervening the moment.

Distance Makes Your Heart Grow Fonder (2020) is the third piece in the series. The project explores our emotional reactions towards the social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is my attempt to intervene into our current social dilemma where maintaining physical distance from each other is a way of keeping each other safe and bright, but this isolation could come at the cost of mental health. The project aims to positively influence individual’s attitudes and feelings towards the 6 feet rule, which can lead to behavioral changes, while reminding us that social experiences remain valuable and are our source of hope.

What would be a social distancing like for an object, like a light bulb? This lightbulb, the first in the series, senses the surroundings omnidirectional and reacts to people nearby. 

Keep each other safe and bright by being together, but 6ft apart.

Yeseul Song