Rearranged (2019)


Online exhibition at Mana Contemporary, 
“No Escape Hole”

A group show at Mana Contemporary “Afterglow”

Rearranged (2019) explores poetic representations of pixel data. An original photography was analyzed and the pixels were rearranged to create the patterns.

For creating the work, I created an image processing web app where the user is able to upload an image and have the pixels rearranged based upon a pixel sorting algorithm and then save the resulting image.

This project is a a continuation of my early work Rearrangement (2015).

The prints I created as part of this project have been exhibited at a group show “Afterglow” at Mana Contemporary in NJ:

The images below are created in collaboration with my dad, an amateur photographer. I processed his photos of Korean traditional houses and landscape to create the soft patterns below.

Yeseul Song