Re-Coded (2015)

Project Website ︎


Day for Night 2016, TX
Google I/O 2016, CA
Sónar+D 2017, Barcelona, Spain Microsoft Connect(); 2017, NY


The project is a collaborative project by students, alums, and friends of School for Poetic Computation (SFPC).


50 Animations populate SFPC’s re-coded at Day for Night on Creative Applications

Day for Night 2015 Festival Review: The Top 15 Moments on COS

VICE’s The Creators Project
School for Poetic Computation studied five pioneers of computational media and recreated their projects using contemporary tools such as OpenFrameworks and Processing. We made about 50 pieces of sketches and displayed on two 9ft x 9ft LED walls. Each sketch was shown with an abbreviated version of the code to help audiences to appreciate an artistic use of code and engage more with the visuals.

Re-Coded is an open-source, collaborative, educational installation. The code is found on Github. The project was initiated by Zach Lieberman and team at SFPC collaboratively worked on this. I’m a contributor and initial member of the project.

Below are four sketches that I contributed for the project. The sketches are coded in OpenFrameworks.

Yeseul Song