Caption, Art, and Ineffability: Do Captions Capture an Artwork's Meaning? (2015)


School for Poetic Computation’s Final Showcase Summer 2015
at Babycastles in NYC
It is an interactive installation posing questions about the veracity of curatorial captions. A digital projection of a self-referential description is projected onto a white wall and the audience is invited to adjust the length of the description to explore the intersection of the true nature of the work and captions. The length of the caption can be adjusted using a physical controller equipped with a single knob. The original caption initially explains itself in 198 words; turning the knob to left or right of center causes the length to be incremented or decremented. The modified descriptions adjust the length of the caption by removing or adding words at random positions within the original text.

The Javascript code used in the work is a modification of a generative story tool, Through the Park by Nick Montfort.