Are You There? (2021)

Are You There? (2021) is a 24 hour long spatial sound installation happening in the artist’s living space in East Village, New York. The work is an auditory recreation of one of the days the artist spent in her room during the pandemic in 2021. The soundscape is computationally generated using custom software based on data collected using simple sensors installed inside her room.

This temporary installation makes the viewer imagine and perceive the person's activities throughout the day, while asking the question of what data can and can't capture. The data is collected using simple sensors such as proximity sensors, light sensors, and volume sensors that are not protected by privacy policies and laws. 

To make a reservation for a private showing, email me at

Project by Yeseul Song
Presented by Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy
Sound design collaboration with Jesse Simpson
Features a commissioned time object by Arnab A Chakravarty

Yeseul Song